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Sophia on the Issues

Local Business Owner  *  Smart Leadership

Ease the tax burden on homeowners by stimulating our economy and revitalizing our business districts.

Create an Economic Development Commission bringing local business leaders to the table to develop a strategic plan for growing and supporting our business sector.

Support our residents and business owners in adopting small but impactful practices to reduce single-use bags and plastics in our town.

Proactively plan and devise innovative solutions to manage potential housing mandates, rather than falling back on "builder's remedy".

Address pressing health and safety concerns by tapping available resources & experts, and adopting best-practices that fit the needs of our residents.

The "status quo" is not an option.

Taxes & Business Revitalization

The number one concern I am asked about is taxes, and rightfully so. Our tax burden as homeowners is very high, and even if we make sure every single dollar counts, I believe the township has relied too heavily on residents for their tax revenue. I know we can be more innovative, while maintaining the charm and character of our town.


Environmental Sustainability

The time is now to support our residents and business owners in adopting small but impactful practices to reduce single-use plastic bags and plastics in our township. 

Gun Violence

Fifty-three people died in mass shootings in August alone in the US.

By August 8th, I'd already seen enough and wrote a letter to our local papers and online media. 

I've had #enough.



Last year, a report of FBI crime statistics recognized Bernards Township as the second safest town in New Jersey. Most reported crimes in our town are property crimes in nature, and it doesn't matter what the statistics are if someone you know has been affected. Safety is a fundamental quality of life issue, and I think we can do better. 

Affordable Housing

Residents have concerns about over development of residential housing and the state mandates for affordable housing within the township. I'm finding that residents are not necessarily opposed to Affordable Housing. They are opposed to over-development. Even though Bernards Township has met its current legal obligations for affordable housing, the township expects potential mandated requirements in 2025, and I believe now is the time to plan for those mandates.

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