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Last year, a report of FBI crime statistics recognized Bernards Township as the second safest town in New Jersey. Most reported crimes in our town are property crimes in nature, but it doesn't matter what the statistics are if someone you know has been affected. The local newspaper often brings reports of break-ins, burglaries, and motor vehicle thefts in our community, and it seems like these reports are occurring more often. In fact, earlier this year, a crime spree including six individuals involved a car theft, a home break-in, several attempted burglaries, and a stolen dog.

Crime and safety is a quality of life issue, and local government plays a crucial role in ensuring that all community members are secure and confident that their homes (and their loved ones) aren’t at risk. We need to maximize the use of existing resources — in this case, our excellent and hardworking Police Department — and build new commitments, partnerships, and resources.

Through my work with Leadership Somerset, I have gained a fuller understanding of the significant role Somerset County law enforcement plays in our everyday lives. I want to increase law enforcement visibility throughout Bernards Township and will work to enlist the help of the Sheriff’s Department in order to do so.

As a longtime resident, parent, and businesswoman, I know the importance of maintaining the quality of life in Bernards Township. I want to improve our quality of life even more and make sure residents are safe.

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