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Taxes & Business Revitalization

What can we do about it?

We need to stimulate our economy by revitalizing our business sector. When our businesses do well, we do well. New business development can ease the tax burden on residents by increasing the number of ratables in our township thereby spreading our tax burden over a wider base.

I propose creating an Economic Development Commission that invites our small and large businesses to take a seat at the table to develop a strategic plan for revitalizing our business districts and for bringing new businesses into town - businesses residents would like to frequent. 

I've spent the last few months speaking with business owners in all of our business districts about why they chose Bernards Township and what their challenges are, and I am convinced that new business development coupled with revitalization would support our existing businesses and stimulate our economy. Our local businesses must be supported in their efforts to thrive, and we can and should be doing more to create interest, excitement, and patronage for shopping local.

I have a few innovative ideas for revitalization and bringing our community together to the Basking Ridge Scene, however it is critical that there is an organized effort supported by our governing body. 

Please read more about my vision for Business Revitalization.


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