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The BTDC Escapes

BTDC enjoys a night out at the Escape Room Center - problem solving, laughing, and team building! And we all escaped...some of us by the skin of our teeth!
Treasurer, Ana McCarthy, and County Committee Persons, Suzanne Glassman and Susan Goldsmith, get their team assignments...Blackbeard's Brig! County Committee Persons, Nancy Cook and Ana Acosta, with Joan B. Harris and Ann Parsekian before their adventure!
Bill Delorenzo, Richard Cook, Jane Conklin, Lex D'Andrea and Joe D'Andrea feeling confident before their challenge! Catherine Santaiti, Kathi Paton, Pat Sodolak, Fred Douglis and Lisa Bahler getting ready for their challenge!
Starting to heat up...the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar Team (Jane Conklin, Ana Acosta, Bill DeLorenzo, Catherine Santaiti, Nancy Cook and Kathi Paton). Who's going in first?
Masters of escape caught the Speak Easy Kingpin before he eluded them! Fun Fact: Bill DeLorenzo knows Morse Code...and he used it to help us find the Lost Jewel before it was too late!
Tough challenge, but smooth escape from Braidbeard! A well-deserved celebration to top off the night!
Nancy D'Andrea and Catherine Santaiti..happy to have escaped!

Paid for by the Bernards Township Democratic Committee, P.O. Box 78, Liberty Corner, NJ 07938.
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